Boscombe Courses 2017

Dip Your Toes Into the Fantasy World January 21st – 22nd   (Winter Warmer)

If you are unsure but would like to try Fantasy, join us! If you just need a break with fun company, we would love to have you with us! To include a Burns Night themed celebration evening and special dinner, we guarantee a great time.


Let’s Look at Textures April 18th – 21st

Come and explore the possibilities of texture in a watercolour painting. On this course, we can look at painting smooth or rough water perhaps, or rocks and dragon scales. We will experiment with texture paste, salt, polyfiller, salt and sponges or clingfilm. What can possibly go wrong?


Embellish Your Fantasy Paintings June 18th – 22nd

Bring along your bits and bobs and treasures from that drawer at home. We will paint a picture then embellish it by adding glitter glue, pens, ink, gold and silver paint, maybe a bit of gold leaf. How about that special piece of lace or the words from a poem or maybe a half finished painting where you only like that tiny bit in the corner? This is the perfect opportunity to bring along those new pens, pencils and paints and give them an outing…Let’s experiment with our fantasy watercolours!


Alien Landscapes July 5th – 10th

Get ready for take-off! Leave earth and let your imagination take flight. With Sharon you will explore the universe with galaxies, cratered moons, ringed planets and outreach stations. Learn watercolour techniques galore and paint fantastic pictures. Lots of demonstrations and one to one support. Studio based.


The Four Stages of Watercolour 6th – 11th

We all know about those unwanted cauliflowers, runs and blots. Watercolour can be impossible sometimes! Let us create a fabulous fantasy painting trying out wet into wet, wet into shiny, wet into damp and wet onto dry. Master the Watercolour Universe by simply learning the art of “When”!


Halloween Special October 31st –November 1st   (Winter Warmer )

Create a painting with a Christmas theme and with a little magic and Sharon’s printer, we will make a Christmas card for someone special in your life. All cards etc. will be provided just bring along your enthusiasm. We will also have a Halloween themed evening with yummy goodies and you are invited to dress for the occasion!


Wherever possible your course may include an outing to the gallery of world famous fantasy artist Josephine Wall.

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